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JD-851 100MW 532nm Green Laser Pointer (Starry+Pointer)
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JD-851 100MW 532nm Green Laser Pointer (Starry+Pointer)
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JD-851 100MW 532nm Green Laser Pointer (Starry+Pointer)
300mw 532nm Green Laser Flashlight(LED and LASER SOS)
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JD-851 100MW 532nm Green Laser Pointer (Starry+Pointer)
Famous JD-851 100MW 405nm Purple Laser Pointer
Technical Details

This JD-851 100MW 532nm Green Laser Pointer is with most competative advantage in performance. Check its laser show below. Brighter and more focused laser dot are offered. That's why it has won laser buyers continously for many years. It is better than those underspec jd-851 lasers in the current market.


Product Description
JD-851 and JD-850 Wholesale Available! JD-851 can provide you excellent starry and point effect at the same time.
Product Details

JD-851 100MW 532nm Green Laser Pointer:

General Specs  
Model JD-851
Laser Color green
Output Power 100MW
MRAD <1.5mm
Beam Diameter <1.0mm
Polarization Ratio ratio 50:1
Wavelength 532nm
Service Life 5000 hours
Power Supply 1 x 16340 lithium battery
Carrying Strap included

JD-851 100MW 532nm Green Laser Pointer is a fully tested.

JD-851 can provide you excellent starry and point effect at the same time. So We suggest you choose this one for this respect.

High performance 100mW green laser pointer.

The JD-851 100mW laser pointer is easy to carry with.

You could use it for a very long time of 5000 hours.


Product Details:

Weight: 330 g

Size: 16 x 3  x 3 cm

Pack including:

1 × 100mw Laser Pointer
1 x 16340  rechargeable Lithium Battery

1 × Strap

Laserpenshop offers best packing and safe shipping service for worldwide laser pointer buyers.





We always want to make sure you get each mw output you pay for. Laser Pointers and Stage Laser Lightings on LPS are excellent choice if max performance per dollar spent is your consideration. There are pen sized, flashlight and torch sized economical, highly portable, and feature glass lenses laser pointers.


About laser beam photos:


It is important to note that how visible and intense the beam appears is greatly subject to environmental conditions, especially, how much ambient light is present. In many cases, while the beam is still very impressive, it will not appear as bright as it appears in the photos. Cameras and our eye also detect the beam different often making it look more impressive in real life when we can see the beam with depth perception in the photos.


Laser is harmful to human's eyes, so please do not direct to the human eyes. Please keep it away from children's store in order to avoid an accident. User is responsible for any improper using way. It is very important to note that due to these lasers high power output, they are also consequently very dangerous if misused. Please keep in mind these are not laser [pointers] but rather tools to be used in astronomy, science demonstrations, measuring rough terrain, etc.  Please keep lasers safe, do not point any laser of any power at airplanes, helicopters, cars, or any place where people may be exposed to the beam! Misusing a laser in this manner is very serious, and can be punishable in criminal court as well as contribute to making these useful and fun tools illegal.

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Product ReviewsWrite a Review
   Cole , 2014-11-27
best jd851 laser
I have seen Jeff's review...I am a little confused but later I found that laserpenshop offers two types of output powers for the same host. This Jd can light matches easily and the other one can not but it is cheaper in price.
   usy , 2013-12-08
Best place for drop shipping
Laserpenshop is the best place to buy bulk jd-851 and jd-850 green laser pointers. Best service and the fastest delivery always for me.
   Joyce , 2013-08-20
Great Starry World!
It shows brighter starry dot than the pictures. It is worth the penny!
   Jeff , 2013-08-20
This product is not what is said to be. I have even contacted the customer service and they said that the true output power is nowhere near 100mW .

Reply by Admin 2013-08-20
Yes those could not light matches are not up to 100mw.

   mister , 2013-05-24
Great customer service!
I would buy 10 jd-851 again soon. Very patient and kind service!
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